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About the Hotel
Sunshine Marine Lodge is located on a beautiful cliff on the north-east coast of Zanzibar, in the northern part of Matemwe, close to Muyuni Beach, just opposite Mnemba Island. This provides spectacular views, but means that our beach is not directly in front of the hotel.
About 700 m from the Lodge there is Muyuni beach – one of the last undeveloped and unspoiled beaches of Zanzibar. This beach can be reached on foot (during low tide), by bike, boat (high tide) or car. We provide free transfers to the beach all day long. The transfer takes around 10 minutes by boat or car.
It is an excellent holiday destination for those looking for a combination of stylish and cozy accommodation, unspoiled relaxing nature and diving or snorkeling with the in-house diving centre, Dive Point Zanzibar.
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An Abundance of Nature

Sunshine Marine Lodge has been designed to create a symbiosis between nature and the guests. Our unique localization, a gorgeous, away-from-it-all Lodge, offers a charming blend of ocean, cliff, exotic garden, beach, bush – all in one place.

We want all our guests to enjoy the ocean and nature and to revitalize themselves through the ambiance.


Every day you have the opportunity to get to know yourself better. Every adventure you experience here will change your view of reality. You decide if your holiday will be active and full of adventure, or you will bet on relaxation, mindfulness and peacefulness.
All you need to do is tell us your preferences and we will advise you on the activities suitable for you.

Island Life

Zanzibar is an incredible place full of unforgettable natural, historical and cultural treasures. You’re guaranteed to find something that’s just right for you, whether you’re a nature lover, a history or country life enthusiast or traveler searching for a beautiful place to relax.

With the right dose of support from our professional and helpful staff, you choose what's best for you to discover the real island life.

Local Taste

Learn the true meaning behind “Spice Island” through locally grown spices, exotic fruits in season and freshly caught seafood. We offer a fusion cuisine with a Swahili twist which brings a flavorsome experience of local food.

Every day on your plate you can find:
Straight from the ocean fresh delicacies like tuna, marlin, lobster, calamari, octopus!
Straight from the village- fruit and vegetables full of flavor, ripe and sweet.


Dive Point Zanzibar is a professional and friendly PADI FIVE STAR DIVE RESORT situated inside the Sunshine Marine Lodge. We offer daily diving and snorkeling trips to Mnemba and north-east coast reefs, try dives for those willing to discover scuba diving, as well as a wide range of PADI diving courses.
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