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04Jul 2018 04Jul 2018
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Developed by Earth , Azembay is the first bioclimatic residence in Morocco.

Located 59 km south of Casablanca, and 70 km from its international airport, Azembay offers an ideal place for relaxation and reunion with family and friends, and an ideal place for a successful holiday. On the edge of a 940 HA forest, a few minutes from several nearby golf courses and the picturesque town of Azemmour, Azembay is a luxury resort located on the seafront and offers a nearby resort for a family clientele Moroccan and international.

The residence is located in an exceptional location, in a totally protected environment, in the heart of the region of "Ouelja", which forms, with its secular forest and spectacular beaches, the last 30 kilometers of the Casablanca-Azemmour axis. The forest, adjacent to the resort, is non-constructible due to the strong commitment of the authorities to its preservation. The beach, located less than 4-5 minutes walk through the forest is still in the wild, and offers several kilometers of fine sand. The name "Azembay" refers to the famous beach entirely covered with tamarisk, shaped like a bay, with an idyllic sunset full west.

With Azembay, Earth opens a new destination south of Casablanca. Azembay is indeed the first project to be authorized in this exceptional area so close to the largest metropolitan area of ​​Morocco and its international airport. The region of El Ouelja, last tourist area still virgin around Casablanca, and yet one of the most beautiful regions of Morocco, indeed offers one of the greatest potential for tourism development in Morocco. Earth has the ambition to be the pioneer for the development of this new destination, and, through Azembay, wishes to offer an exceptional project, driven by a sense of excellence to offer an example of conscious, respectful and sustainable.

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